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ProCSPI 2020 was founded to offer you education, training and consultation on sterile compounding preparations, wherever you are located at your convenient time. Our goal is to assist you meet the requirements of the continuously changing state board and USP regulations. Our vision is to equip health care professionals with the knowledge and training that will ultimately improve the quality of compounded sterile preparations prior to patients' administration. 

ProCSPI founder: Abdelaziz Alsamarah (Aziz)
PharmD. University of Jordan 2011
MSPS. Western University of Health Sciences 2015

Founder mission statement: I understand that life’s challenges are unique and complex to all individuals. As a fully certified professional in sterile compounding serving the southern California area, I’m here to help indviduels achieve personal development in this field, and help your organization be compliant with standards and regulations. This is accomplished through offering courses, training, and consultation services both online and onsite workshops. 

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