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Consultation Service

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ProCSPI offers consultation service in:

1. Cleanroom construction, licensing and certification with our board certified specialist Abdelaziz Alsamarah, PharmD, MSPS, BCSCP, BCNSP. Besides training compounding personnel for hospital and retail cleanrooms, Dr. Alsamarah has an extensive experience as a PIC for the construction, licensing, and certification of several cleanroom suites.  Dr. Alsamarah and our team at ProCSPI will conduct a thorough evaluation, planning and guidance throughout the process of construction or remodeling to ensure the viability, safety, and compliance of the compounding suite with the most updated standards and regulations.

2. Effective operation of IV rooms through integrating communication structure into the workflow. This structure aims to: enhance the flow of big workloads, improve the communication between pharmacy staff and support teams, minimize errors and create stress-free IV room environment.  

3. Policies and procedures periodic documentation and updates in accordance to the USP <797> standards, California state regulations, and TJC. 


4. Formulating Assessment of Risk (AoR) documentation in accordance to the USP <800> and National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) guidelines.

5. Creating a training programs for staff and new hires, initial and ongoing qualifications prior to compounding. As well as action level plans and quality assurance policies


6. Environmental monitoring of both personnel and engineering controls. 

7. The home infusion industry and potentials to expand the compounding business. 

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