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Nutrition Support Guide for pharmacists


2 hours

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The material offers in depth discussion of enteral EN, and parenteral PN nutrition for pharmacists. This 2-hour seminar goes hand in hand with the sterile compounding educational seminar for Board Certifications in Sterile Compounding BCSCP and Board Certification in Nutrition Support BCNSP pursuits

This course is offered online using Zoom app or other interactive video tools, and if you have a classroom equipped with AV (Audio and Video), we can make arrangements to present the slides at you location. The content includes: 

  • Comparison of common intravenous catheters

  • Enteral (EN) vs. Parenteral (PN) feeding

  • Types of enteral and parenteral products

  • Nutritional requirements in adults and pediatrics

  • Nutrition support in special population 

  • Considerations for product selection

  • Parenteral nutrition 2-in-1 vs. 3-in-1

  • PNLAD and cTPN

  • Lab work and formula adjustments

  • Medication co-administration with EN/PN

  • Lab work and formula adjustments

  • Common feeding errors

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