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Hands-on Training


2 hours

Live training in Sterile Compounding

This hands-on training is ideal to take place at your practice site, where an IV room is available: hospital, home Infusion pharmacy, compounding facility, or the pharmaceutical science lab (for academic institutions). For individuals who don't have a practice location, this material can be carried out using power point slides, supported with detailed figures, simulations and videos. This training is designed to provide hands-on experience in core competencies as required in the USP 797, and goes hand in hand with the Basic Principles of Sterile Compounding course.  The content includes: 

  • Written test on compounding calculations

  • Hand hygiene, garbing and gloving

  • Proper clean room behavior and material movement

  • Aseptic manipulations (Media fill & Fingertips sampling)

  • Principles of HEPA-filtered unidirectional airflow

  • Measuring and mixing

  • Use, calibration, cleaning, and maintenance of all related compounding equipment

  • Handling Hazardous Drugs

  • Documentation of compounding process

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