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Basic Priciples of Sterile Compounding

This 3-hour seminar offers you an intensive and up-to-date educational material about Sterile Compounding Preparations. Suitable for academic institutions, sterile compounding facilities and pharmacies, hospital systems, as well as pharmacists pursuing the board certificate in sterile compounding (BCSCP)..Read More..

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Nutrition Support guide for pharmacists

The material offers in depth discussion of enteral EN, and parenteral PN nutrition for pharmacists. This 2-hour seminar goes hand in hand with the sterile compounding educational seminar for Board Certifications in Sterile Compounding BCSCP and Board Certification in Nutrition Support BCNSP pursuits..Read More..


Hands-on training

This is a hands-on training is ideal to take place at your practice site, where an IV room is available: hospital, home Infusion pharmacy, compounding facility, or the pharmaceutical science lab (for academic institutions). For individuals who don't have a practice location, this material can be carried out using power point slides, supported with detailed figures, simulations and videos..Read More..

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